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Baphomet, who is also known as the Prince of Beasts, the Trampler, the Minotaur Lord, and the Horned King. Born from the churning chaos of the Abyss near the dawn of time, Baphomet is the embodiment of savagery, one of nature’s most destructive aspects, and the catalyst that looses the beast residing in us all.

Where civilization’s light fails to shine, strange religions, weird cults, and vile sects take hold. They prey on the weak and the desperate, and they flourish on fear, anger, and ignorance. Some are born of religious misinterpretations or extremism, but a few are far more sinister—evil masquerading as legitimate faith. When civilization comes to these backwater areas, priests discover the beliefs upheld by a few sects are nothing more than demon worship—practices so profane that the only cure is swift and utter annihilation.

A prominent force in the corruption and subversion of mortal communities is the Horned King, Baphomet, known as the Prince of Beasts. A demon lord of the Abyss, he finds the greatest following among minotaurs. His cult is widespread and influential throughout their secluded communities. Numerous minotaurs resist the Trampler’s allure, but the cult spreads and grows as its vile cabalists spread the faith. Baphomet’s cult threatens to consume the minotaur population with widespread and pernicious demon-worship.


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