Nentir Vale Chronicles

Session 4
The Bloodreavers are no more

Proteus the Invincible
Alasse Celebrindal
Jessamine (played by Elly)
Trav the Painbringer
Malkier (played by the DM)

Following a tip off from Rendil Halfmoon, The Heroes find and attempt to infiltrate the Chamber of eyes in order to find out more information about the captured villagers.
Unfortunately, Stealth was not their strong point and the goblins at the entrance were alerted to their presence. Now that the occupants of the chamber were alerted, there was no recourse but to fight.

Pushing for inch after inch through the many rooms of the chamber, dispatching goblins of various breeds and one acrobatic disemboweling of a Dire wolf, the Heroes come face to face with Krand, the Hobgoblin War-chief of the Bloodreavers…

…who was felled without the Heroes breaking a sweat.

After resting and ransacking the War-chief’s bedchambers, they Heroes find a contract to purchase the Riverdown Slaves for 1,000gp. it was signed by Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, dated two days ago.


With stealth back on their side, the Adventurers sneak into the kitchens of the chamber and after kicking a goblin chef into his furnace they ambush the drunken residents. Upon finding out the rest of their base was filled with bloody slaughter the occupants quickly surrendered. Interrogation of the prisoners gleaned the same information as the contract, and they were summarily (and grudgingly by some of the party) released.

Back at the Seven-Pillared Hall, Jessamine shows her prowess for information gathering and finds out that Murkelmor Grimmerzhul is linked to the Grimmerzhul trading post and that any way of finding out where the slaves are being kept would be held within.


The party is then brought to the Customhouse by Brugg and reintroduced to Ordinator Arcanis who thanks them for their “act of civic charity in removing the Bloodreavers”. Since they’ve shown their worth he requests that they look into the activities of a Mage of Saruun who has apparently gone rogue. He had not checked in for many weeks and the few reports received were unsettling. If they were to help him in this regard they would gain the gratitude and support of the Mages of Saruun, which is no small matter.



  • Recover the Riverdown villagers from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul – Investigate the Grimmerzhul Trade post.
  • Find Truffles, the Dire Boar for Ulthand Deepgem of the Deepgem company.
  • Recover the Ancient Skull Scepter for Gendar, Last seen in the possession of a Duergar in the Horned Hold – Find the location of the Horned Hold.
  • Look into the activities of Paldemar, suspected rogue Mage of Saruun.
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